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Picking rock is hard work.
We make it easy.

We are TerraClear and this is our first newsletter. TerraClear was founded by farmers who are passionate about bringing usable and groundbreaking technology to you and your farm. Keep reading to learn more about our company, our Rock Picker, and how we are keeping in touch with farmers.

TerraClear Rock Picker

The TerraClear Rock Picker will be available Fall 2021 for $30,000 in limited quantity. Early unit discounts are available. Rock Pickers include an integrated bucket, robotic arm, and custom joystick.
The Rock Picker quickly attaches to the mount-plate on most compact track loaders and selectively acquires individual rocks leaving your precious farm soil in place.

Availability: The Rock Picker will be available for shipping within the United States. Inquire for more details on early unit discounts.

Farmers, we want your input, what is the worst job on the farm?

TerraClear’s End-to-End Solution at Koinonia Farms

Koinonia Farms on the Camas Prairie in North Central Idaho significantly reduced the time and labor spent picking rocks and minimized rock damage during harvest with TerraClear’s end-to-end solution.
A drone took high resolution images of the field.
A Rock Map was created showing the exact size and location of the rocks.
The Rock Picker operator used the map to travel directly from rock to rock, efficiently clearing the field.

“Time is precious, labor is hard to find, and our window to get fields seeded is really narrow. We don’t have the manpower or time to spend days picking rock by hand anymore. TerraClear cleared the field of rock in ¼ of the time it would have typically taken and we were able to spend our time getting other fields seeded.”
- Alex, Koinonia Farms

Farmer Focus

Randy Vanderwall Reflects on Farming Roots that are 40+ Years and 3 Generations Deep.

TerraClear is committed to getting to know farmers of all generations and designing solutions for their biggest challenges.

TerraClear's Pick: Founder, CEO Brent Frei

Q: Why rocks?

A: Rock picking is the worst job on the farm. Rock clearance is a never before solved problem that with successful automation will produce extremely happy customers. It’s super rewarding to solve a really tough problem in a huge market that no one has been able to solve before.

Q: Your hopes and long-term outlook for TerraClear?

A: I fully expect TerraClear to become the company in automated agriculture.

Q: How do you define success?

A: Feeling proud and fulfilled with our achievements. Whether it’s raising well adjusted kids, cultivating friendships, or designing customer delighting products.

Q: Who do you look up to the most?

A: Mom and Dad. They set the standard for always doing what’s right for their family, their marriage, and their community.

Q: What are three words you would use to describe TerraClear?

A: Top Notch People